Flowers Font Frame

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Flowers Font Frame embroidery file for use with your embroidery machine. An easy stitch-out with only three color changes! Also comes with an option to stitch each flower in a different color. Your choice!

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Sizes Same Color Flowers:
3.83 x 3.86 in (4x4) 5151 Stitches
4.76 x 4.80 in (5x5) 7367 Stitches
5.79 x 5.83 in (6x6) 9797 Stitches
6.80 x 6.85 in (7x7) 12592 Stitches

Sizes Different Color Flowers:
3.83 x 3.86 in (4x4) 5105 Stitches
4.81 x 4.85 in (5x5) 7401 Stitches
5.78 x 5.83 in (6x6) 9735 Stitches
6.80 x 6.85 in (7x7) 12556 Stitches

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These are digitized embroidery designs! They are not patches that you sew on or iron on!
You MUST have an embroidery machine to work with these files and a way to transfer the files from your computer to your embroidery machine.

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(3) Listings are not physical items to sew or iron on, but are digitized embroidery designs. You must own or have access to an embroidery machine to use these files.
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