Rainbow Heart

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Rainbow Heart applique for use with your home embroidery machine.

Satin Stitch Sizes:
3.65 x 3.86in (4x4) 5992 Stitches
4.87 x 5.14in (5x7) 7948 Stitches
5.86 x 6.20in (6x10) 9589 Stitches
Decorative Stitch Sizes:
3.67 x 3.85in (4x4) 2928 Stitches
4.86 x 5.10in (5x7) 3766 Stitches
5.85 x 6.15in (6x10) 4308 Stitches
Fray Stitch Sizes:
3.60 x 3.82in (4x4) 1344 Stitches
4.86 x 5.16in (5x7) 1810 Stitches
5.85 x 6.22in (6x10) 2220 Stitches

This design comes with TWO different stitch orders in each size of the DECORATIVE files only. The files labeled "Rainbow Heart" will stitch out traditionally (placement & tackdown for each fabric layer with all of the final decorative/satin stitching at the end). The files labeled "Rainbow Heart Decorative One by One" will stitch out each fabric layer at a time (placement, tackdown, final decorative stitch for each layer). Why did we do this? Our single needle users found it easier to leave one color on for the placement, tackdown, and decorative stitch. Mulitneedle users like the option to "walk away" at the end while the machine runs all of the colors. I hope you enjoy having these options too.

FRAY: It's easy to get the frayed look! The design places your placement line like normal. Next, you lay your fabric on top of your placement line. Make it fun by doubling up the fabric with different or the same colors or even put flannel behind your fabric to give your applique some volume! After the design is all stitched out, go back and cut your fabric to the desired length of fray. Enjoy!

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