Happy Fall Y'all

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Happy Fall Y'all Embroidery file for use with your home embroidery machine. This file comes with two variations for your different projects: fill stitch letters and satin stitch letters.

3.88 x 3.78 in (4x4) 9590 Stitches
4.87 x 4.75 in (5x7) 12519 Stitches
5.68 x 5.81 in (6x10) 15628 Stitches
Fill 3.87 x 3.77 in (4x4) 12478 Stitches
Fill 4.85 x 4.74 in (5x7) 17316 Stitches
Fill 5.80 x 5.67 in (6x10) 22618 Stitches

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NOTE: Listings are not physical items such as patches to sew or iron on, but are digitized embroidery designs for use with your home embroidery machine! Files download as a .zip.

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