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Boys, Machine Embroidery and Applique Designs Downloads | Original Stitches - Embroidery and Applique Design Store


Product Name+ Price View Items
Screwdriver $4.00  $3.00 Screwdriver View Item
Shamrock Airplane $4.00  $3.00 Shamrock Airplane View Item
Shamrock Monster $4.00  $3.00 Shamrock Monster View Item
Ship's Wheel $4.00  $3.00 Ship's Wheel View Item
Skater $4.00  $3.00 Skater View Item
Skater Frayed $3.00  $2.25 Skater Frayed View Item
Soccer Snowman $4.00  $3.00 Soccer Snowman View Item
Spider $4.00  $3.00 Spider View Item
Stegosaurus $4.00  $3.00 Stegosaurus View Item
Stegosaurus 2 $4.00  $3.00 Stegosaurus 2 View Item
Stethoscope Applique $4.00  $3.00 Stethoscope Applique View Item
Sunglasses - Quick Stitch $4.00  $3.00 Sunglasses - Quick Stitch View Item
Surf's Up Reverse Applique $4.00  $3.00 Surf's Up Reverse Applique View Item
Swords Crossed Applique $4.00  $3.00 Swords Crossed Applique View Item
T-Rex - Quick Stitch $4.00  $3.00 T-Rex - Quick Stitch View Item
Tomahawk - Quick Stitch $4.00  $3.00 Tomahawk - Quick Stitch View Item
Tools Combination $4.00  $3.00 Tools Combination View Item
Tractor $4.00  $3.00 Tractor View Item
Tractor Tooth $4.00  $3.00 Tractor Tooth View Item
Traditional Military Combat Boots $4.00  $3.00 Traditional Military Combat Boots View Item

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Instant downloads of our applique and embroidery files can be found in Applique and Embroidery Downloads.

All of our embroidery and applique designs come with stitch pack sequenced instructions so you will always visually know the next step to complete your machine embroidery or applique project.

Your satisfaction is very important to us. Please see our Original Stitches Blog for tips on how to get excellent quality results with your embroidery and applique designs and maybe learn something new! We are easily reached through our Contact Us selection or through our Facebook page where you can also stay up-to-date on our latest applique designs and download fan only monthly freebies!