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Fall Leaves - Quick Stitch, Machine Embroidery and Applique Designs Downloads | Original Stitches - Embroidery and Applique Design Store

Fall Leaves - Quick Stitch

$4.00 $3.00

Quick Stitch Maple, Oak, and Birch Fall Leaves embroidery file for use with your embroidery machine.

This light and quick stitch design means you can easily add a monogram, name, or saying to the top of the design. It's so simple with only a tear away stabilizer needed, that you can truly enjoy this quick stitch!

Please note the reduced number of overlaps in the 2x2 size compared to the larger sizes. ALSO, these are SEPARATE FILES for you to personalize and combine with your own home embroidery software or on your machine.

IF you would like to add fabric for a frayed look, add BEFORE each stitched layer. Make sure to trim after!

Maple Leaf Sizes:
2.00 x 1.92 in (2x2) 1642 Stitches
3.84 x 3.76 in (4x4) 3782 Stitches
4.84 x 4.75 in (5x5) 4774 Stitches
5.84 x 5.73 in (6x6) 5711 Stitches
6.84 x 6.71 in (7x7) 6712 Stitches

Birch Leaf Sizes:
1.39 x 2.00 in (2x2) 759 Stitches
2.68 x 3.82 in (4x4) 1816 Stitches
3.36 x 4.80 in (5x5) 2271 Stitches
4.06 x 5.80 in (6x6) 2748 Stitches
4.77 x 6.80 in (7x7) 3224 Stitches

Oak Leaf Sizes:
1.27 x 2.00 in (2x2) 984 Stitches
2.40 x 3.84 in (4x4) 2434 Stitches
3.03 x 4.84 in (5x5) 3046 Stitches
3.65 x 5.84 in (6x6) 3661 Stitches
4.28 x 6.84 in (7x7) 4282 Stitches

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(1) After payment, you may immediately access your file by returning to your account and visiting the "MY DOWNLOADS" tab. Your files will not be emailed to you.
(2) Your file will download as a .zip. (Please click on the bold link for additional instructions on how to extract your .zip file.)
(3) Listings are not physical items to sew or iron on, but are digitized embroidery designs. You must own or have access to an embroidery machine to use these files.
(4) You have read the "Conditions of Use" and will follow them.

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 01 September, 2015.


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