Reverse Cross (Reverse, Open, or Frayed)

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Reverse Cross applique file for use with your home embroidery machine.

This file includes files and photo instructions to make a reverse cross, open cross, or frayed cross. Please read the instructions BEFORE stitching as the files have different stitch orders.

Reverse Cross
3.02 x 3.85 in (4x4) and 2760 Stitches
4.85 x 6.19 in (5x7) and 4408 Stitches
5.85 x 7.46 in (6x10) and 5276 Stitches
6.85 x 8.74 in (7x11) and 6168 Stitches
7.80 x 9.95 in (8x12) and 7030 Stitches
Open Cross
3.02 x 3.85 in (4x4) and 2887 Stitches
4.85 x 6.19 in (5x7) and 4605 Stitches
5.85 x 7.46 in (6x10) and 5513 Stitches
6.85 x 8.74 in (7x11) and 6443 Stitches
7.85 x 10.02 in (8x12) and 7383 Stitches

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